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Wool mattress with waterproof underside

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The top side is in thick merino wool, in the same high-quality as our other mattress alternatives. The underside is made of artificial leather (skai "ecoleather"), which makes it waterproof. In the center is a 2 cm thick foam-rubber mattress. Zipper along one of the long edges, so that the foam-rubber can be taken out when you want to wash the cover. You can wash the pieces separately. Color: Charcoal.

Sizes in cm: 45/45, 50/70, 60/80, 70/90 and 80/100.

Wool is the best fabric for your dog's health and comfort. Your dog would choose wool if it had the choice. Wool provides warmth even if it's wet, it is non-static, easy to keep clean, and dirt, dust, and smell doesn't stick like they do to synthetic materials.

The mattress is perfect in many situations:

  • On a trip in the car.
  • At training, when the dog has to lie and wait, both on concrete, gravel, grass, or artificial grass.
  • On a resting break of a trip, both on snow, rock, moss, or sand.
  • Size 45/45 is perfect as a seat pad for the 2-legged 

Review from Kristoffer Modell (instructor, hunting- and working dogs): "The dogs love the mattress. What's nice about it, is that it's easy to bring along. If it gets a little dirty, one can just clean underneath. Genius product. Much better for the dogs to lie on than the grass." (Translated from Norwegian)


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