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Canelana Windy dog jacket

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WINDY is a lightweight wind coat originally designed by Iditarod legend DeeDee Jonrowe.


The material is a thin and light ripstop, similar to what is used in light down jackets. Loop for the harness, reflective ribbon. Color code: L = black, M = orange, S = yellow. Flap with neoprene inside, which gives males some protection against frostbite. Neoprene inside the flap means that it does not get soaked.

3 sizes, the jacket measures from the neck opening to the loop at the back:

Large: 65 cm

Medium: 61 cm

Small: 57 cm

This information is given by Mille Porsild:

Windy is a super lightweight coat originally designed by Iditarod legend DeeDee Jonrowe to be used by the sled dogs in windy conditions or in warmer temperatures when a coat is barely needed but you do want the dogs to retain some heat. I use it on the short haired coats that are more hound in temperatures right around freezing and down to minus 10 and on heavier coated dogs to down around minus 15 C. Windy is so lightweight in material that is packs up tiny, adds really no weight to your load, and it sits very light on the dog not compressing the dogs’ fur coat underneath. The fitting is loose for the dog to move with no restrictions, it slides over the head, then gets fastened with a broad flap underneath the chest with soft velcro on the side. They are very fast to take on and off in racing context. A small square flap attached to the closing-flap sits in front of genitals on males to provide some wind protection. Think of “WINDY” as a ‘wind breaker’ for your dog. I have been using these coats in the 2020 Iditarod when I won the Rookie Award of the Year and again in 2021 when I received the Leonard Sepalla Humanitarian Award for Humanitarian Treatment of Dogs. This award is given by the race veterinarians, to the musher who takes the best care of their competitive dog team during the Iditarod race. During that race, at minus 50-60 below zero my dogs were of course wearing the insulated RACING jacket — but keeping them running at the optimal also on the many days with temperatures hovering closer to 0 and a breeze, they were wearing the WINDY style jacket all the way across the finishline.