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Canelana Touring - activity dog coat with 100% wool lining

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NB! See size guide in separate tab. MEASURE THE DOG FROM A LITTLE IN FRONT OF BETWEEN THE SHOULDER BLADES - TO THE BASE OF TAIL (IN FRONT OF THE TAIL WHEN HOLDING IT UP). Unlike other dog coat brands, the measurements given for Canelana dog coats (e.g. TOURING) are the cm length from the tightening around the neck to where we think the base of tail should be. The coat should cover well down back and be tightened for good fit. The number of centimeters from the tightening at the neck to the end of the coat is therefore more than the cm measurement given for the size. Example sice M (45 cm). Full length is approx. 55 cm.

See video with Touring: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GVwWmZClqAg

TOURING is an all-round heat and activity cover that protects against the weather. The outer fabric is made of a softshell with a membrane (the same fabric as in the THERMO and COVER models). The inside is mesh (mesh fabric). In between the layers, there's a wool blanket (100% merino wool). Tightening of the neck and tightening of the back so that the cover should fit comfortably over the hips. Easy to put on and off. Suitable for most breeds. Many sizes. Black and green.

TOURING has been tested by super users:

Ann Reidun Borgen at Fjellgløtt's Dog Center:
«We have used TOURING on both Border Terrier Extra, Vorsteher Zonta and Pointer Tuwa. TOURING is our choice in cold and sour winds when the dogs "walk" and when we have a break in the terrain in cool weather. It should cover all major muscle groups well, reducing heat loss (which in turn increases energy consumption) and reducing injury risk when the dog is put back into harsh activity. TOURING is a very good choice for dogs who need to be out over time since it both prevents the wind and is fit with wool inside. TOURING is the deck I would recommend hunters and outdoors people to have only one deck »
Dog trainer Peder Zeiner Christiansen, who himself has ours and hunting cocker: “Should I bring only one deck, then TOURING is what I bring with me. It is just fit thick/warm, can withstand water and does not prevent movement »

Størrelse Rygglengde cm 
5xs 20
4xs 22,5
3xs 25
2xs 27
XS 31
S 35
S/M 40
M 45
M/L 48 cm 48
M/L 53 cm 53
L 58
XL 64 cm 64
XL 69 cm 69
2XL 73 cm 73
2XL 85 cm  85
3XS terrier 25
2XS terrier 27
XS terrier 31
S terrier 35
S/M terrier 40
M terrier  45
Dachs 30 cm 30
Dachs 33 cm 33
Dachs 36 cm 36
Dachs 40 cm 40
Dachs 45 cm 45
Dachs 50 cm 50

* Rygglengde mål oppgitt for størrelsene er  mellom strekene i illustrasjonen nedenfor og det er der du skal måle hunden.

* Dekken-målene vi oppgir er målt fra strammingen i halsen til midt på innsnittet bak (eller til innsvinget for halen på terrier-modellen). NB - Total lengde på dekkenet, fra strammingen i halsen og til enden bak er derfor lenger enn målene som er oppgitt for størrelsen.

* Strammingen i halsen kommer helt nederst på halsen, litt foran skulderbladene på hunden og halerot bør være omtrent midt på innsnittet for at det skal være langt nok til å dekke over hoftene og ned over ryggen.

* Slik tar du på dekkenet: 1) tre over hodet, 2) stram passelig i halsen, 3) fest delen som går ned under brystet og over ryggen, 4) fest delen som går mellom forbeina og juster eventuelt strikken, 5) stram bak slik at dekkenet legger seg ned over lår og bakpart.


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