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Canelana Thermo - thick 100% wool dog coat with softshell outer

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100% wool. See video with THERMO:


Thermo - for the coldest days!

Thermo is Canelana's warmest dog coat! Thermo consists of inner lining in thick, soft merino wool, the outside is covered with wind-/ water resistant and breathable softshell with membrane. The dog coat lies well over the back and thighs. It covers and protects the vital organs and large muscle groups.

In the front, there is the rib knit for better flexibility when undressing and dressing. There is an adjustable strap around the belly and tightening both around the neck and back for the best possible fit for your dog.


The terrier model has an opening at the back for tails worn high. These are available in sizes 2XS (27cm), XS (30 cm), S (35 cm), S/M (40 cm) and M (45 cm).

Model adapted to dachshounds and other short-legged breeds - 6 sizes with back lengths 30, 33, 36, 40, 45 and 50 cm.

About the fantastic properties of wool, washing and cleaning of the wool dog coat:

§ Wool is self-cleaning; wool contains lanolin, which is a waxy grease

§ Wool can absorb about 1/3 of its own mass in the form of water vapor without it feeling damp

§ Wool is biodegradable and sustainable

In many cases, it can be enough to shake and air in fresh air for a couple of hours, wool is bactericidal and dirt usually does not penetrate into the wool fibers, but settles on the outside. If you want to wash, we recommend machine wash wool program 30 degrees, and wool detergent.


Why the wool dog coat?

Wool has three fantastic properties: It warms, insulates and breathes. Keeping the dog's muscles warm both before and after the walk and training can prevent injuries and will help the dog to recover faster. The dog's body thus does not need to use unnecessary energy to keep the body temperature up.


A wool dog coat is useful for all dogs regardless of breed. Especially older dogs, dogs with injuries or osteoarthritis will often have poorer circulation and thus freeze more easily. Nobody likes to freeze! Wool should be the first choice for any dog ​​on cold and humid days! Feel free to put your hand under the blanket to feel if the dog is cold or warm.

Size Guide CANELANA dog coats
Size Back length according to the illustration
5xs 20
4xs 22,5
3xs 25
2xs 27
XS 31
S 35
S/M 40
M 45
M/L 48
L 58
XL  64
2XL  73
2XL LONG  85
XS terrier 31
S terrier 35
S/M terrier 40
M terrier  45
Dachs 30 cm 30
Dachs 33 cm 33
Dachs 36 cm 36
Dachs 40 cm 40
Dachs 45 cm 45
Dachs 50 cm 50

The coat is measured from the elastic closing around the neck, to the MIDDLE of the incision sewn at the back (or to the opening for the tail on terrier sizes). The closing around the neck will be a little in front of the shoulder blades. The base of the tail should be approx. in the middle of the sewn incision so that the coat will be long enough to cover the hips.

Measure your dog between the lines in the illustration above.


How to put on the coat: 1) put over the head, 2) tighten properly around the neck, 3) fasten the part that goes down under the chest and over the back, 4) fasten the part that goes between the front legs and adjust the elastic if necessary, 5) tighten the elastic at the back so that the coat lies nicely down and covers thighs and buttocks (see photo below)

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