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Canelana signal vest: hund i trening

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Signal vest in soft-shell. Durable rubber bands, fasteners, and seams. Yellow/black and pink/black

Available text: HUND I TRENING

6 sizes: 2xs, XS, S, M, L and XL
XL: Giant breeds like Grand danois, American Akita, Leonberger
L: German shepherd, giant schnauzer, and similar
M: Border collie, kelpie, and similar
S: Medium poodle, sheltie, and similar

XS: Small dogs 8 kg +/-

2xs: The very smallest dogs, 4 kg +/- 

Signal vests/service vests can be made for clubs, with or without logos, etc. Contact us for more information/an offer by e-mail (ingrid@canelana.no) 

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