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Canelana Neon - Protection vest with 100% wool lining dog

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The Canelana NEON is made for hunting dogs on cold days, both as a warming vest and as a signal vest.

Provides warmth, protection and visibility.

The vest is also suitable for rescue dogs, as well as other thin-coated dogs while training or on a trip.

The vest does not limit movement, and can increase the performance of competition dogs because they don't have to spend energy on keeping warm.

Easy to put on and take off.

3-layer sandwich model: the outer layer is wind-proof and water-repelling soft-shell, the inner layer is mesh, and the middle layer is 100% wool (thin wool felt).

The vest is not suitable for running in deep snow.

5 sizes; 2xs - L - see size guide with measures


Size Back length cm Neck circumfence cm Breast circumfence  cm
2XS 25 39 58
XS 27 42 62
S 29 46 66
M 30 48 70
L 31 50 74