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Canelana Grimsbu - 100% merino wool jacket

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See video of Grimsbu in practical use: https://youtu.be/Xe4dHT5FyWw

Wonderfully warm, light, and comfortable jacket in very thick 100% merino wool. Unisex model. The Grimsbu is designed specifically for outdoor-enthusiasts, active dog people, mushers, hunters (completely silent stealth jacket, and warm for people sitting on post), snowmobile drivers, and so on. Fitted cut over the shoulders, raglan sleeves, elongated back, high collar lined with knitted soft merino wool, long sleeves with thumb-holes, zipper pockets on the sides, chest pockets with zippers. For use on chilly days, cold days, and very cold days. Many colors. Sizes range from 2XS to 2XL. The measures in the size guide for width is across - for circumfence please multiply by 2.

Weight: 760 (2XS) - 1150 (2XL) grams

This jacket will keep you warm for sure. Although it does not have windproof fabric, it insulates incredibly well.

Why wool? All Canelana's wool products are made from good quality merino wool. Wool has three wonderful properties; it warms, insulates and breathes. Wool warms even when wet. Wool is not static an odors do not settle in wool products like in synthetic fabrics. For those who want functional wool products in good quality, Canelana is a good first choice!

About washing and cleaning GRIMSBU jacket and other Canelana wool products: In many cases it may be enough to shake and air in fresh air for a couple of hours, wool is antibacterial and dirt usually does not get absorbed into the wool fibers, but settles outside. If you want to wash, we recomment machine washing wool program 30 degrees (Celcius), and wool detergent. The machine programs are often gentler than hand washing as the temperature is precisely regulated. In addition, machine washing rinses out the rinse water with residues of soap and dirt, and centrifugation means that the woolen fabric is dried more quickly. Wet woolen fabric can provide good conditions for bacterial growth through the residual water, even though wool is antibacterial.

  Length (cm) Width cm (measure x 2 for circumfence) Sleeves length (cm)
Str. Front Back Breast Waist Hips From under the armpit from the collar (raglan sleeves)
2XS 65 73 50 48 50 53 78
XS 67 75 52 49 52 54 78
67 75 53 50 53 55 78
M 70 77 54 51 54 55 78
L 74 82 57 54 57 58 83
XL 76 85 62 58 61 60 87
2XL 76 85 63 60 63 63 87