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Canelana 100% wool dog poncho

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Square blanket in thick 100% merino wool, the same fabric as used in the Grimsbu jacket and the Ambassador dog coat. Opening for the head in the middle of the blanket for sizes 100/100 and 70/70. Size 140/140 has the hole placed 2/3-1/3 (to be shorter in the front and longer at the back). If you would like size 140/140 with the hole in the middle, you will find this in products for 2-legged.

Can be used instead of, or on top of dog coats when the dog is sitting still and needs to keep warm. 

Weight: 70/70 = 280 grams, 100/100 = 655 grams, and 140/140 = 1070 grams.

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