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Canelana dog carpet 100% wool

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100% thick merino wool on the top, 100% polyester fabric impregnated with latex glue on the underside, 100% polyurethane, laminating (gluing) foam in the middle. Width is 150 cm. We sell carpets in size 50x75, 100×75, 150×100, and you can also order by the meter (width 150). The carpet can be cut with regular scissors, and it will not fray or unravel. Color: Charcoal.

Wool is better than polyester, fleece, or other artificial fibers because:

Wool insulates, warms, and breathes. Wool warms even if it's wet. Wool is non-static, and does therefore not attract dust particles, and the dogs fur won't become "electric". Wool has properties which make it hard for dirt to stick, and wool gets clean at 30 degrees.

Perfect in the car, in the cage, in the puppy crate, or in the boat.

The Canelana dog carpets in pure wool are a good alternative to the carpets in fleece, the type of carpets called both "veterinary bedding", "vet bed", and "wet bed".