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Canelana dog bed in 100% wool with raised edges

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100% wool. The bed is padded in the middle, and has elevated edges made of foam rubber. The foam rubber  can be taken out when you want to wash the cover, with a zipper running across the entire outer edge. This is the dog's favorite wool bed, because of the heightened edge which dogs can rest their heads on. The elevated edge also provides a sense of security, and dogs can easily identify that the bed is "their place". Colors: Grey and black

Sizes and measurements:

Note: these are rough measurements.

Outer measurements: 100×120, 80×100, 70×90, 60×80, 50×70

Inner measurements: 75×95, 55×75, 45×65, 35×55, 25×45

The edges are soft, so the bed can easily be placed in cages that are slightly smaller than the bed itself.

More about sizes: 50/70 is suitable for small dogs (and cats), and 60/80 for larger, but still small dogs (ex. cocker spaniel). 70/90 is suitable for medium sized dogs, such as small/medium bird dogs and border collies. 80/100 is suitable for slightly larger dogs, and 100/120 is for the largest dogs. If you do not require that the bed must fit within a certain space, and the dog likes to lie outstretched, then 100/120 is the best choice for breeds such as German shepherds, labradors, goldens, etc.

More images and reviews: www.facebook.com/canelana.no

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