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Canelana Bear 100% wool socks

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Very comfortable socks in thick, elastic 100% merino wool. Soft, comfortable, and warm socks in pure wool that fit snugly and keep your feet warm. The seams are on the outside to prevent irritation and chafing. The socks are made of pure wool, and are not reinforced with polyester, etc. This means that the durability should be taken into consideration. Many people feel that the socks are durable enough, and that the comfort and warmth the socks provide outweigh the durability aspect. Others who use the socks a lot, and tend to wear their socks thin, feel that the socks quickly become worn. Color: Charcoal. Sizes: 36-39 (S), 40-43 (M), 44-47 (L). Please note: the sizes may feel somewhat smaller than normal, so if you usually use a size 39, you should probably choose M.

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