About Us

Who are we?

CANELANA is a registered trademark. Our goal is to create comfortable and functional products for both dogs and their owners, using high-quality wool. In latin, cane means dog, and lana means wool. That is why our name is CANELANA.

CANELANA AS is a firm registered in Norway, and it is owned by Ingrid Tandberg and Thorbjørn Lund.

We have designed all of the products ourselves, and are currently manufacturing our products at factories in Poland. We are a specialty shop for dogs and dog owners. Our products are sold through the online store, retailers, at dog events (shows, conventions, and competitions), and directly to dog clubs.

The prices we offer at CANELANA are low compared to product quality and production costs.

What do we want?

Our vision is to be a trend-setting brand, and to be the first choice in wool products for both dogs and dog owners.

What do we offer?

We offer quality products for both the two-legged and four-legged who travel the forests, fields and mountains.

  • Practical quality products for dog handlers
  • Flexible solutions for clubs, customized colors and logos, etc.
  • Quality wool at a reasonable price
  • Accessories for outdoor life

Our promise is to keep both you and your dog warm and comfortable, 52/7/24, outside and indoors, regardless of weather conditions.